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The spoon I found on the beach in Veracruz

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The 15th of September is Independence Day in Mexico, so today, I’d like to write about one of many stories I have of Mexico. I met my husband at a salsa club in San Francisco in 2009. The very first time we danced, immediately there was a connection there. I asked where he learned how to dance. “From my mom,” he replied. So, that summer, I traveled alone to Mexico to meet his mother and his family. His family is what I would call stereotypically Mexican. They have a gift for celebrating life in every shape, form, or occasion possible. So, naturally, parties are frequent and done without much fuss. It was and still is refreshing to me, coming from a culture where almost every event has to be carefully carried out like a ritual with proper gadgets and whatnot. One time, his family took me to a deserted beach in Veracruz. It was a beautiful summer day. A vast blue sky and warm white sand laid generously in front of us. And there it was, this big spoon abandoned in the sand. At first, it seemed out of context. The metal spoon sticking out of the sand King Arthur’s-sword-style reminded me of a well-staged contemporary art installation. Nowadays, I look at this spoon and picture the beach and a big family cookout with loud music and plenty of drinks. Viva Mexico!

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