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Renovation in the Park

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Another construction project is underway at the park. This time, the area they are renovating is the centerpiece, the eye-catching part where you walk up to when entering the main entrance. They already took apart the rose garden, removed the palm trees, and destroyed the big round fountain. The new garden plan they posted on the fence shows a sleek and rather anticlimactic design. Again, the main feature is a fountain, but this one is rectangular, dark shaded, and I’m guessing it will have a bunch of sensors that trigger water to squirt up here and there. Perhaps the former one was outdated, but I’m not convinced that this new look is any better. If you look further to the west, you can spot several factory towers puffing out smoke from the other side of the canal. Back in the sixties, a large industrial complex was constructed by destroying the beautiful beach famous for its white sand and green pine trees since ancient times. Honestly, no fancy state-of-the-art fountain can make up for what has been destroyed.

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