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Paperwork and wiggle room

One of the many things that stress me out in life is paperwork. I spent the last two weeks struggling with various documents that kept popping up with different purposes and formats. Sometimes they would have instructions in fine print in the back. Just glancing over it would increase my anxiety. I would fill them out to the best of my knowledge but never feel confident. The worst-case scenario is when I am out and suddenly asked to fill out a form. First of all, I am at an age where it's sometimes hard to see the print depending on the font size and the lighting. Secondly, since I have been away from Japan for so long, I have difficulty remembering certain Chinese characters necessary to present myself as a "Standard Japanese Adult." These two factors certainly contribute to my anxiety. But basically, the mere fact that they have to be filled out correctly and are not open for interpretation is what stresses me out. It's never enjoyable in whatever situation in life when there is no wiggle room.

Outside a municipal building

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