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My South

The north is where the big city is. The south is an escape from the north and where we took our road trip the other day. As you become further away from the city, the sky opens up. A three-hour drive takes you to the end of the peninsula and to the Pacific Ocean. The intricate coastline was mesmerizing. It was such a windy day. The waves crashing against the shore made the view even more cinematic. The bright sun and blue sky made you forget that it was actually cold outside. It’s also a region famous for hot springs. The smell of sulfur of the hot water immediately took me back to my childhood. I have fond memories of staying here with my family over summer break. I especially remember how I floated in a pool looking up at the stars on a summer night. I wished I could stay here forever, or if not just a bit longer. I have felt this way many times throughout my life and sometimes even tried to do something about it. But now I know that the good times are precious because they don’t last.

The edge of a pool in Tulum Mexico. 2018

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