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Memories of studios in the past ーThe futon factory and pine leaves

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

As I was packing up my studio for my recent move, I reminisced about the spaces I’ve had in the past. Since I’ve lived a somewhat nomadic life, the number of studios has been quite a few. I’ll never forget my very first one located in Tokushima, Japan. The space was massive. An artist friend had been using this place that was once a futon factory and invited me to share it. It was an artist’s dream; a vast open space located not too far from the city by the river banks. I mainly worked on 3D pieces using natural materials—my favorite where palm leaves occasionally found on the sidewalks. The long and robust stems made them look like arms that had fallen off a tall post. I used to drag them into my car and carry them to my factory. As though they were vegetables, I would first cut each part into manageable pieces and prepare them for their ultimate transformation. It was such an enjoyable process. My work has changed over the years, but my emphasis on exploring new materials and my love for the process is still very much the same.

"Pestles of Meditation", 1997
200 x Ø20cm, palm leaves and cotton thread
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