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Art-making mode

Everyday life mode and art-making mode are two different things. The former is about time management, efficiency, and getting things done. The latter focuses on exploring and discovering in a looser sense of time. Therefore, sometimes, when my daily life becomes hectic, it’s not easy to enter a state of mind needed for art-making. However, certain types of music can help the transition. To me, it’s Jazz. To be more specific, Bill Evens and Chet Baker pretty much guarantee a smooth ride into “the zone.” Recently, I have been playing a recording of a live performance by Keith Jarret Standards Trio. It starts with a tune titled, “I wish I knew.” Slowly and gently, the notes are carefully poured into the silence by Mr. Jarret and his piano. As I listen, I dive into an imaginary swimming pool, where the outside noise is muffled. Navigating through the shimmering refraction of sunlight, I dive deeper into art-making mode.

studio, end of 2021


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