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About my grids

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The grid has played an essential role in almost all my work. So, today I want to write a bit of what exactly it represents. Although in the world of fine arts, the most familiar grid is the perspective, a method of translating 3D objects to a 2D surface, mine is unrelated. It comes from the textile tradition, where the warp and weft intersect to construct a woven fabric. During my undergraduate years, I extensively studied various textile techniques. This experience has radically changed how I create.

For example, in a piece of cloth, the foundation is made by setting up the warp and then adding the weft. Patterns can be made by altering the weft in various ways, which makes the underlying grid more discreet. Nonetheless, the original structure directly influences the outcome. It is entirely different from how a traditional painting is done on a canvas, where you are free to express whatever you desire on a clean slate. Working with a structural element is what makes the textile approach unique. That is what you see in my works. There, the grid represents a framework, a premise, order, and logic. It is an element to be respected yet challenged at the same time.

Diagram for the series Matchbox Park, 2021

From the series, The Game of Life, 2019

From the series, Folds, 2014

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