A square is a shape I often use in my works. I associate words such as clean, minimal, logical, efficient, and organized. It can also indicate a type of framework. If you take multiple squares and line them up, one next to the other on all sides, you can create a grid. Squares and grids exist to provide me with structure and guidance. However, I find it most satisfying to see when colors run to the edges and then slowly start oozing outside the boundary. I am reminded of a statement I once read; the best part of life is the uncontrollable rather than the controllable.

Image: study of How to Play in the Park

Materials used: watercolor, oil pastel, pencil and calligraphy paper

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The nearby park is full of pine trees, with some better looking than others. You can tell which ones are the most impressive because you will find these short stone pillars circling them. Initially, the park authorities must have planned to connect the post with metal chains. Metal loops sticking out like ears from each pillar indicate this. But they've decided that it wasn’t necessary.

One day, I was admiring one of these trees and contemplating over this noble act of trust. Out of nowhere came this man on a bicycle. He parked his bike alongside one of the pillars, and he started stretching. He arched his upper body in and out of the sacred zone. How thrilling it was to witness.

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